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Beyond The Front Row:

Images from London Fashion Week.

A Photography Exhibition in collaboration with 'Curated at Hyatt Place' Art Bursary. 

6th September to 4th December 2022  Pocketsquare Skyline Bar & Terrace, Hyatt Whitechapel

“As a photographer, Fashion Week is intense; I’m cycling between parties and shows, kit on my bike, editing on the fly or late at night. Afterwards I usually need to take a few days off to recover! But getting to experience the grand theatrically of the shows, the beautiful garments the designers have created, and the frantic activity backstage is so rewarding. I love being part of it.”

Beyond the Front Row is part of Curated at Hyatt Place, at PocketSquare Skyline Bar in the Hyatt Place London City East Hotel. The idea is part of a series of initiatives from the hotel’s General Manager, Michael Mason-Shaw seeking to create new artwork and champion artists in their work with commissions and funding. All of the artwork will be available to purchase with 25% of all sales going into an art bursary that will be used to support and fund work from new London artists.

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